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We Want be a sponsor! The Outlaws are a community based, non-profit, flat track roller derby club. We are committed to providing a safe, supportive, and empowering environment for everyone who is interested in this exciting sport. We wish to grow our league to include Junior Roller Derby and Co-ed programs. We need your help to grow our league! 

Will you join us?

Benefits of sponsoring The Outlaws:

. Promote your business in Auburn, CA and surrounding areas.

. Take advantage of an amazing cross promotional opportunity.

. Gain the support of our extremely diverse and fiercely loyal fan base.

. Support fun and fitness in your community with a tax deductible donation.

. Be a part of one of the fastest growing sports in the world with a unique marketing appeal. 

ORD Sponsorship letter - 2024 pg1.jpg

Post Bail for an Outlaw!

Sponsor your very own skater! Being an Outlaw is expensive. We have mandatory insurance

coverage, dues, jerseys, travel expenses, and lots of equipment to pay for. A $330 donation covers 6

months of dues. $660 covers dues for the year. Your company or name will be mentioned when

your Outlaw is introduced at bouts, and your support will be praised on our Outlaw Social Media. 

A special THANKS to all of our current sponsors (click on link below):

  • Derby Warehouse

*Outlaws Roller Derby does not accept any responsibility or liability for sponsors listed here. Use at your own risk.

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